Bing Rewards = Free USB Flash Drives

Getting  Free USB Flash Drives just got easier.  With the search engine offer you can now get 5 points towards your Free USB Flash Drive just by signing up for Bing Rewards!  Here’s the deal.  Bing gives you rewards like free Amazon gift cards and Microsoft points just for doing your normal, everyday searching on Bing.  And gives you 5 points towards Free Flash Drives… WHAT A COMBINATION.  Sign-up, log-in and complete the offer now.  It takes less 2 minutes!

Oh yeah, and for a limited time, Bing Rewards is offering 250 bonus points as a welcome gift!  That’s enough for 100 free Microsoft points, just for signing-up.

And from November 15 – December 1 2010, complete the Bing offer, get 5 points from and we’ll credit your account with 5 extra points!  That 10 points puts you half way to getting your, high-quality flash drive for free.  Just send us a support ticket once your account has been credited from the Rewards offer.

Two requirements, first you have to be in the USA (sorry rest of the world) and second Microsoft requires that you use IE 7 (or later) to download their toolbar.  Don’t worry, it works on Firefox too :)

Get on it!



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