How to get a free flash drive.

The process is very simple.

1.) Enter your email address in the box on the Free Flash Drive home page.
2.) On the next page, enter your home address – or where you would like your flash drive shipped.
3.) Find an advertiser offer that is of interest to you and complete the offer.

You can also watch our video to see the complete registration process.

Completing Offers

The actual process is as simple as shopping. Some advertisers only want your email address while others want you to try their products or service. It is completely up to you which offers you want to complete. Choose an offer that is of interest to you, and always make sure to read the terms of service for each individual offer.

Free Flash Drive FAQ

Why flash drives, why not something else?
USB Flash Drives have turned out to be a necessity in today’s world. You use them at work and at home. They have more storage space and are more compact and transportable than rewritable discs. Everybody needs Flash Drives, and you can never have enough. We provide better quality flash drives then discount retailers online, and best of all, ours are free!

How can I be sure to get credit for an offer?

1. Before logging on to, be sure to delete the cookies in your browser.

Firefox: Tools:Options:Privacy:Remove Individual Cookies:Remove All Cookies
IE:Tools:Internet Options:Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords, and web form information:Uncheck all options except “cookies”

2. Always use Firefox or Internet Explorer when accessing our site. Other browsers may interfere with the issuing of credits.

3. Turn off your pop-up blocker.

Firefox: Tools:Options:Content:Uncheck Block pop-up windows
IE:Tools:Internet Options:Privacy:Uncheck Pop-up Blocker

If you have completed an offer and have not received your credit in the amount of time the offer specifies, fill out a support ticket and provide the following information: an email from the offer site, your credit card statement showing that the offer has charged your card, and/or a screenshot of your account with the online partner. After verifying the information we may manually give you credit for the offer.

Will I actually get my free flash drive once I complete the offers?
What makes you different from the other guys? How do I know you will actually ship my flash drive? The difference is we actually want to you to earn your flash drives. Our business model is quite different from the other freebie sites on the Internet. We don’t get paid until we actually ship you the flash drives. Most freebie sites do their best to string you along and make it extremely difficult for you to finish the offers so you never get your "prize", or insist you recruit 2 or 3 other people to jump through their hoops. That’s not what you’ll find here. We are honest and easy to work with.

You have nothing to lose, why not give us a try? Click here to get your Free USB Flash Drive.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
No. You’ll never have to pay us anything. You complete your point threshold, place your order and we send you your free flash drive. A tracking number will be sent to your e-mail address so you’ll be able to see exactly when your free flash drive will arrive at your door.

What kind of flash drives are these?
Our flash drives are made from the highest quality components. We use metal cases with high-end, Intel memory. Our read/write speeds are faster and quality is quite superior than what you can purchase online or at retail. We are flash drive enthusiasts and want nothing but the best, and thats what we deliver. In fact, our free flash drives come with a LIFETIME warranty. That tops all other name brand flash drives sold at retail.

How can you give away USB Flash Drives for Free?
Right, it sounds fishy doesn't it? While it is a very innovative and new business model, its perfectly legit and practical. The way it works is, our advertisers pay us when you check out their offers. If something interests you, you complete the offer (most of the time without paying for anything) and we award you points. Once you hit the specific point threshold for either the 2GB, 4GB or 8GB flash drive, we send you your requested Free Flash Drive, Free. Its that simple. No tricks, no making you recruit your friends... just simple. Click to sign up to get your Free Flash Drives.